Greater Manchester Police

About this division: We are a large group of people, all wearing the same badge but with varying kinds of uniforms. With over 165 different vehicles to choose from, we are the largest division in the community. We are trained to deal with all different kinds of situations and respond to the vast majority of calls that go into our communications centre.

We use a ranking structure which can be seen on all of our uniforms and to ensure we have high standards across the board, we have certain teams of staff to manage every officer within the division & sub-divisions. We intend to be as professional and as realistic as possible and will ensure we keep everyone safe across the region.

Neighbourhood Police Team

Become a Neighbourhood police officer and be the frontline of the community. The NPT, who are a group of officers that attend all calls within their power, have the ability to drive marked and unmarked vehicles when they like from a wide selection of 88 IRVs.

Roads Policing Unit

Patrolling the highways and streets, be a part of the Roads Policing Unit. As a division with the need for speed, we use the fastest and highly kitted out response units in the force. This division offers many different routes from stinger to TPAC training. The fleet we hold have unique custom made liveries made by our own repaint dev team.

Tactical Firearms Unit

Trained to the highest in firearms and tactics, The Tactical Firearms Unit is a specialist division first to respond attending some of the most dangerous calls. This division is trained to be flexible, fast and tactical in many ways. Do you have what it takes?